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Loki by JoJoesArt

I'll start by saying this is a very beautiful piece. The colors, although complete opposites, compliment each other perfectly which kin...

Okami Amaterasu by JoJoesArt

wow this is very pretty. I love Amaterasu, she is a wonderful character and this picture shows her beauty perfectly. I like how you did...

Look how magnificent  I am by PictureByPali

This wolf is absolutely gorgeous. It has a very unique color to it, a kind of rusty color on its muzzle and underbelly and dark redish ...

Sakura Akita by SafaiaKiba

First off, I will start with the back round. It is beautifully done. The lighting and the colors compliment the Akita very well. The Ak...


Long Day by ottercrazyweirdo
Long Day
Scout fell asleep on the bench in the base and Spy seems a bit...intrigued. "Oh my goodness, he actually STOPS talking when he's asleep!" Nah, Scout totally talks in his sleep. No doubt. We all know it is physically impossible for him to not talk at all times
Oh, This? by ottercrazyweirdo
Oh, This?
Scout showing off to Miss Pauling that he has gotten the enemy intelligence. Unbeknownst to him, she noticed :3. SFM is a friggen good time. If you don't have it, I highly suggest you get it (its free). I will have more of these coming out pretty frequently ^^ those of you who like my wolf stuff and drawings and stuff, don't worry, I will continue to do that
Strolling by ottercrazyweirdo
I GOT SOURCE FILM MAKER! So my posters will look all clean and nice from now on! My first official poster is just Scout strolling through one of the bases with a very snarky expression as Scoot oh so often has on his face. I WILL be doing more of these as it is extremely enjoyable
Mirrors Edge Fanart by ottercrazyweirdo
Mirrors Edge Fanart
yeah I wanted to draw myself as a runner XD sue me. This is an AMAZING game and I just had to draw fanart for it which I probably will again soon cuz drawing this was a friggen good time!
I have been VERY VERY VERY busy for the past while which is why I have posted....nothing for a long time. As you maybe saw, I posted a clipping from a comic I have been working on on a different profile with my new found time. It has almost 5 pages done and 4 uploaded and I actually AM working on it! No seriously, I really am working on it every day and page 5 will be up in like two days (Im surprised too). But I won't tell the name of it or the profile name because I kinda wanna test to see how well it does alone with no help. So far, with only 4 pieces up (I've only uploaded pages, no original art YET but after page 5 I was gonna do an original picture with color and the whole shibang) and its doing as well as a profile with only 4 pages of a new comic up can do so I was planning on helping it a little bit BUT we'll see. Now for new stuff besides the comic, I have a WHOOOOLE new universe of OC's that I want to introduce. I have a crap ton of art for them all, short comics, colored drawings and whatnot that I am contemplating posting and I just might. We'll see on that matter (I'll post two or so of them maybe in the coming week.) So thats all for now but thats the status of my artistic life right now. So now that I have a lot more time I hope to actually post stuff now on both profiles. If you actually read this whole friggen journal, thank you.
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